Freck, Your Blog Is All Wack.

My blog needs a bit of a makeover...

The old header was a bit outdated, it was one of my old paintings I'd taken a picture of and cropped.
Blah, yes?

I'm working on a header, so if it randomly changes over the next couple of days (along with the colors), no worries - it's still me! :)

If anyone has any suggestions or
if you aren't digging any of the color schemes I'm putting up, feel free to shoot me an email or comment!

*first suggestion - Make font bigger :) I increased the font one size, is this big enough or should I make it bigger??*


Lindsay said...

I would suggest using a bigger font in your posts. My old lady eyes have a hard time reading it lol! But other wise I like the new header!

Tommy said...

I think it's great. It's your forum to do whatever you want, so you really can't go wrong.

Piper Jacquelyn said...

This is the fun part about blogging - you can do whatever you like! Mine is super duper simple...I keep meaning to hire someone to redo it, but I'm just so lazy! I'm looking forward to seeing what all you come up with!

Kelly Sanders said...

I think you are awesome.