InStyle, Real Simple, US Weekly, oh my!

What's your fav mag??

Do you only pick them up when you're traveling? When the cover is your idol? Well let me tell you, I've found that I have been picking them up lately on the weekends when I know TBF and I will be watching football or if I'll be doing a wee bit of traveling. You might be thinking, why would you want to focus on something else if you're going to be watching football? Well, I think it's because I like to be semi-productive when I'm sitting in front of the tv. I digress, my ability to not allow myself to relax and to always be doing something is for an entirely different post.

Onto the fun magazines!
InStyle, the fashionable magazine.

I'm really enjoying
InStyle right now. Yes it's full of ads but it also has some pretty great info in it. The style section is very inspiring because it's full of everyday pieces. I cut out most of the sections, put them up in my closet and I swear my office wardrobe has become so much more fashionable without even having to go purchase anything! I think I'm going to get a subscription...thoughts?

Real Simple, the responsible magazine

What about Real Simple? Hello new uses for old things sections! Although everything may not be super practical, I love the creativity anyway. I started this subscription last month :)

Us Weekly, the juicy gossip magazine

And how could we forget US weekly? What I call the most legit gossip mag compared to its competitors. Yes? I'm thinking about getting a subscription to this one, too. I feel like I spend so much money on this mag a year!

I will be traveling this weekend (for the Illini homecoming football game!) so I'll need some good literature in front of me :)
What's your favorite magazine lately?

Happy Hump Day!


Anonymous said...

Whenever I fly I always buy In Touch and Life & Style.

SassyEngineer said...

I don't think I have ever read InStyle, but now I really want to! I have subscriptions to Women's Health(which I usually like), Better Homes & Gardnes (I love this, but I probably wouldn't if I didn't have a home), and Martha Stewart Living (also good since I have a home). I used to love CosmoGirl (better than Cosmo), but now I just feel too old to read it!

Danie. said...

Real Simple is my favorite magazine ever. I have a subscription to it as well as Martha Stewart Living. When we travel or go to the cottage I alwaty pick up InStyle or Lucky for a treat. I've actually been thinking about subscribing to InStyle but it costs a fortune for a Canadian subsciption.

CTB said...

I'm a big magazine whore. My favs are InStyle, Lucky, Glamour, Vanity Fair, Real Simple, Better Homes and Gardens, and even the Oprah magazine. haha I admit, it actually has pretty interesting articles. I used to be obsessed with UsWeekly, but then I got a job with lots of free time, so once you've seen the pictures online (www.usmagazine.com) then the magazine just seems to be old news.

Tommy said...

I love (and subscribe to) Real Simple and InStyle, but I'm also a fan of New York Magazine and GQ. Sometimes I'll pick up Everyday Food and People, but that's rare these days.

Plus, subscriptions are definitely the way to go! It's so much cheaper, and you often get special bonus issues.

Secret Agent T said...

In Style is one of my favorites... I also really like Esquire, randomly enough. I kind of have a magazine subscription problem and get way behind (like 3 months behind).

ALEXANDRA P. said...

Lately my favorite is Glamour....though i miss Domino DEARLY!