Lady Gaga

Let's take a moment and talk about Lady Gaga, shall we?

As some of you already know, I just love her and get a kick out of her. Yeah, I mean she has some wacky outfit choices all the time here and there but she's seriously entertaining. She's produced some amazing stuff, before she even came out with her own album and she's overcome some ridiculous baggage from the past. She also wrote her first piano ballad at 13, and she's "written for artists signed to Akon's Konvict label, as well as Fergie, the Pussycat Dolls, Britney Spears, and New Kids on the Block."

Either way, she rocks. So do me a favor (and yourself ;) rock out to her SNL performances.

Sister can sang.

Also! I'm taking all of your giveaway ideas into consideration, thanks for contributing and keep 'em coming if you think of something! I think I'm going to post the list at some point and let you decide. After all, one of you will be receiving it, right?! : )

Ciao, freck


Kristin said...

I thought her SNL performance rocked! And I wasn't even really a fan of hers before.

Katie said...

I have to say while not a huge fan I do find her very interesting and extremely talented.

Secret Agent T said...

I love Gaga- she's nuts but she knows it and rocks it, regardless... she can get away with it b/c she actually has talent too.

Jenn said...

you know i love lady gaga - shes crazy and amazing!!! anyone who wears an orbiting head thing while singing gets my vote :)

Paddy K said...

Another plastic pop singer. But wait! She wears crazy costumes and plays an instrument... TALENT!