Under My Umbrella, Ella, Ella...

It's really gross, dark and misty in the city today.

Bad news - bad hair, overall icky.
Good news - cute, cold accessories post!

How cute is this umbrella??

Fav color - check
Old school handle - check
TARGET?! - $12.99. - shutup.


Gawww, these gloves are so cute.

Target, $17.99
I'm starting to really dig the dainty glove idea...

Anthropologie is really on fire with their cold weather accessories, too!!

Anthropologie, $48

Anthropologie, $68

*My DIY mirror "before" pictures will be posted later today!*


pinkpolkadotaa said...

Gotta love Target! Cute stuff!

Erin said...

I might NEED that scarf..

Pink Julep said...

SOOOO CUTE! Love the Anthro stuff!

Laura said...

Just adorable and I swear these items would all work in San Francisco! I love your blog and am so glad I found you. Come stop by today and tell me if you agree that the truth can hurt!

Kim said...

those yellow gloves from target are so cute - they look like j.crew for half the price!!

hope you stay dry in this yucky weather! it's the perfect day to stay inside under a blanket all day...boo to work!

Lindsay said...

Love it all! What a great deal for the umbrella! Hooray for bigger font :)