Weekend Recap + Giveaway Ideas

Love Fall.

What a great weekend!

*Forgive me, this is kind of a lame post..*

Friday, TBF and I went to a play where one of our good friends was the lead and she did a wonderful job! It was what TBF called a very English/Shakespearean play. Good stuff. Saturday, we did the usual Target run and then I went to JoAnns and got some knitting supplies, yep, you read that right. I'm going to make a dark purple scarf :) That evening we went to one of my favorite Mexican restaurants near my place, Cesars, where the margs are aaammmaazzinnngggg. Sunday we met up with one of my old roommates and her boyfriend at one of our favorite bar/restaurants and watched some football. It was great catching up with them. Good times :)

Did anyone see Kate Gosselin on the Today show this morning? Man, I have never enjoyed her, but now I really don't enjoy her. I used to feel sorry for her husband, but now I think he's kind of a scumbag. Anyone else want them to just shut down the show? Those poor kids..

Also! I'm thinking of doing a giveaway soon! I'm having trouble selecting an item though. Any suggestions??

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


Jenn said...

i wish i had a great idea for a giveaway, but i don't. my 1 year blogging anniversary is on 10/19 and i was going to do something too...but i can't think of anything!!!

maybe something fall-themed or having to do with chicago? if only you could send portillo's through the mail! (well actually you can - but its really expensive) :)

Shaina said...

I am so so so sick of Jon and Kate. The show needs to stop. Things are just so ridiculous these days. I just read this morning that Kate is complaining about not having enough money to pay her bills. WTF? I am SO over them. It's time to stop making the divorce so public, and STOP filming. For real.

And I agree with Jenn - do a fall-themed giveaway! A scarf and something pumpkin-y or a candle or something. That would be fun!

CTB said...

I think it would be really neat to know how to knit. Especially with my obsession with scarves. Why don't you give away something you knit?

Tommy said...

I did not see Kate on Today, thank goodness. It was on in the office lobby, but I (subconsciously) averted my eyes and ears. They turned their marriage and oddly numerous family into a circus, and now they both seem to be surprised that it's blown up in their faces. I feel sorry for the kids.

For the giveaway, I think a nice 2010 calendar (maybe letterpressed?!) would be cool. Or you could knit, as other commenters have suggested. A nice potholder or eyeglass cozy would be cool. :)

Good luck with your purple reign!

Katie said...

In absolute agreement about Jon and Kate! So annoying, altough I think Jon is definitely the bigger douche!