Freck's Friday Fancies XXI

Guess what?

It's raining again in the city. I meant business this morning on my commute with my bright yellow raincoat, rainboots and umbrella. Turns out all of that just made me really hot and uncomfortable. I'll never master the rain.

Anyway, onto happier things like this weeks fancies!

TBF and I FINALLY saw The Proposal last night.

I loved it!! Ryan Reynolds impressed me (and not just with his amazing body). He can be serious and hilarious. I have such a girl crush on Sandra Bullock, I think she's so gorgeous and real.

Who watched Flash Forward
last night? I'm still digging the show, I'm also digging John Cho.
Anyone else? Eat your heart out ladies.

No? Okay, TBF is Asian...maybe that's why I dig him.

Want to know what the best dry shampoos are?

Have you seen this before and after over at Design Sponge? So amazing!

Notice anything different about the upper right part of my page? My new GREEN twitter bird for my TWITTER page!! The background on the page will probably be changing every now and then because I can't settle on one:)

Last but not least, I want to cozy up in this warm, cute sweater from Anthro!



Milltini said...

My, Ryan Reynolds--I freaking love him. I have to see that movie. And thank you for sharing the link on the dry shampoos. I am just catching on to the trend, but I am already in love! Happy Friday!

Pink Julep said...

The Proposal is one of my all time faves! I saw it twice in theatres and rented it last weekend!!! Can't wait to buy it on DVD but no one has it here yet!!!

Katie said...

Agreed, the weather sucks today! I am also a Ryan Reynolds fan, I think he is hilarious. Love the sweater!

Kristin said...

I'm awaiting The Proposal to arrive from Netflix! And that Anthro sweater?? YUM! I did a whole post on Anthro today. I may be addicted. I wonder if they have a program for that? Ah ha

Jenn said...

love flash forward!!

and i've heard so many good things about the proposal - i'll probably have to see it! :)

JTS said...

The Proposal didn't really impress me that much though admittedly it did have it's moments.

I love, love, love, that sweater though

Chiclaire said...

I love that sweater! and Ryan. ;) XoXO ♥ :)

Little Pink Magnolia said...

I saw The Proposal a few night ago and it was so cute. And Sandra Bullock is def. gorgeous!


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