Freck's Friday Fancies XIX

Oh man I never thought this day would come.


It's going to be a friggen busy Friday here in the office for me, so let's get on with the fancies.

Can we talk about how awesome these before and afters are???

These hair style tips are wonderful. My hair could use some TLC!

Crazy couch!

Cool calendars!!

Check out this packaging, too. So awesome.

Banana juice anyone?

Concrete art? Very cool.

Last but not least, I'm fancying how hilarious it is that my google ads the other day were about accident lawyers and accidents because of my post about my fender bender. too funny! Ads, go back to The Limited and Martin + Osa!!

Have a great weekend!!!


Milltini said...

Woah...love the banana packaging. So cool!

Katie said...

I love that black and white chair! Too cute.

Secret Agent T said...

the concrete floor design is so neat!

Jenn said...

love the friday fancies - this week is no exception! :)

Tommy said...

That chair link is really cool. I hope you had a great weekend.