Weekend Recap + Before & After of DIY Mirrors!!

Hellooo everyone :)

This weekend was wonderful. You may have noticed I didn't do a
Freck Appetit this weekend, I'm starting to think perhaps I should just turn that into a "I'll post a Freck Appetit when I get a chance to try out a recipe" type of thing, rather than a committed weekend post. This weekend the post didn't work out because I didn't get the lobsters a publisher had promised that I'd get (boo, I really wanted to cook lobsters since I never have before), and brother Freck and sis-in law Freck visited the city!! It was so wonderful catching up with them and hanging out. Brother Freck is very much like me, chill, mellow, other wonderful adjectives, down to earth, his bubbly wife is as well, so I always enjoy hanging out with them. I never had a sister, but if I could have one, I'd want my sister-in-law anyway :)

Sunday, TBF had a musical themed show at a cafe near my place. We were pretty unsure as to how it'd be, but it was a great time. Aren't those the best times? You don't really have any expectations and it turns out to be a blast? Awesome. TBF also did an excellent job as usual.


Onto the Mirror DIY!

As a refresher, I grabbed two mirrors from mam and papa Freck's that they weren't using and decided to do a little rehab work to them.

Here are the two
before pictures:

And here are the
after pictures!

I think it's a hit! I like them a lot more than the gold color, that's for sure.

I cleaned the frames with a basic wetnap, cleaning cloths. I made sure the frames were dry and then covered the mirror portion with magazine pages and tape and placed the mirrors on some garbage bags. Then, I used a glossy spray paint to paint the frame. This was quite a task in my studio apartment since I didn't have much room to work with. I made sure the windows were open, but it still stunk up my apartment pretty bad. (Thanks Febreeze)

Some paint managed to creep through the magazine pages and onto the mirror. I thought the paint would be more difficult to get off, but I just grabbed a dish scrubber and some windex and went to town on the paint spots, but I made sure I was gentle so I didn't hurt the mirror.

My next task is to find a spot for the first mirror. It's pretty heavy, so I'll need to get a special hanger. As mentioned before, the second mirror's hanger is broken, so it became a little tv tray on the ottoman.

I hope everyone had a great weekend!!


Erin said...

Awesome job! They turned out great!

Tommy said...

I agree about the recipe idea; weekends can get away from a person in a hurry, although I can't wait to see what you're dishin' up next.

And those mirrors turned out nicely! Way to go, Freck!

Kelly Sanders said...

Love the first red dress!very hot !