Luscious Nordies Dresses + Random Thoughts

Hump day already?! Hooray!

Random thoughts:
  • Love the Nordies dresses below...hello decent prices. Yes, the bottom one is a little pricey, but I think it's so fun, I couldn't resist.
  • I almost cried during Dancing With The Stars last night because I thought Kelly Osbourne was going to be kicked off. No joke. She wasn't even close to being kicked off. I adore her.
  • I looooved the dance to Taylor Swift's Love Story on DWTS last night, too. I don't really love that song, but the dance was amazing. Check it out!

  • I definitely started crying during Biggest Loser when Abby requested to go home (and did). Did anyone see this?! Wow, that woman is inspirational.
  • Uh...hormonal much, Freck?
  • I'm having a serious Target itch but I know better than to go right now because there will be so many crazies there for last minute Halloween decor, candy and costumes. Which means lots of kids. Which means lots of crying and screaming. Which means I'll get annoyed and it will ruin my idea of a perfect Target trip...I digress.
  • I still love the scarves from yesterday's post. Especially the last yellow one.
  • Did I mention that I love these dresses below? ;)


Happy Hump Day!!! Halfway there :)


Gwen said...

First...how have I not been following you? Second...I love the second red dress. Perfect for holiday parties!!! XOXO

CTB said...

I don't watch DWTS, but I think Kelly Osborne looks great! Dancing has been so good for her figure. She seems really cute.

Jenn said...

wow i love those dresses!! we definitely have the same style :)

Kim said...

LOVE that first red dress - and it's the least expensive!! haha. perfect for holiday parties and NYE!!!

pinkpolkadotaa said...

OMG, so sad Abby went home! Such an inspiration!