Another Smorgasbord Post!

Yes, I can't complete a sentence/thought today because my thoughts are all over the place. What's that mean? A smorgasbord post!!

If that's not appealing to you, then know that the most adorable niece in the whole friggin world is at the bottom!
  • Remember when I was pondering about what to wear on Christmas while sitting around the tree opening presents (or whatever tradition you have)? Well, today I'm imagining I'll wear this ...
  • It's a winter wonderland out here in Chicago today, it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.
  • Nota won on Sing Off last night! I was rooting for them, so I was so pumped. AND they sang Down by Jay Sean who actually came out on stage and sang with them!
This isn't the finale but I can't resist, I just love how they sing it! Jenn knows what I'm talkin about ;)
  • I'm still pretty homesick since I can't be at home right now and I really want to be. I'm trying to think about how these feelings will disappear as soon as I get home. It helps a little :)

  • I may get to work from my apartment tomorrow, which is a teeny bit fabulous. Being able to work out in the morning and then work in jeans? Yes, please!

  • TBF's fam got in late last night, I'm really happy they made it in safe. They drove all the way (to Chicago) from DC, where all the snow is!

  • Congrats to Andy and Jeanna on their engagement! Jeanna was the first person I met when I started college in Chicago way back when. I'm lucky that she and I are still so close, I can't say enough nice things about her. Their engagement is also pretty exciting because FRECK introduced them!! Hip hip hooray! They're pretty much perfect.

  • Is anyone else finding it difficult to take the time for yourself and work out? I skipped yesterday as well as a couple times last week simply because it's so cold out and I keep thinking about gifts I could be wrapping or cards I could be writing. Hopefully I get a good work out in tonight.

  • ...and here is my beautiful niece Emma. I adore this little one so so so much!
Is it weird that it makes me nervous to post her pic? I may end up taking it down...

Happy Tuesday everyone!


SassyEngineer said...

What a cute dress! Your niece is adorable too :)

I have to say, I loved Sing-Off, but Nota wasn't my favorite. I loved the Beezelbubs so I was bummed that they didn't win. Nota was good, but I thought the Bubs were just so amazing. I thought Nota's version of Down was cool until they broke into the latin thing - that just seemed kind of stuck in the middle to me. Oh well!

I do think they were the best two groups though :)

Jenn said...

I loved sing off last night! Was so glad Nota won, but also liked Beelzebubs, too! My favorite part is when Nick Lachey goes "and now for a surprise special guest....ME."

I was dying!!

Kim said...

I think you NEED to buy that dress to make yourself feel not so homesick!!! it will definitely cheer you up to have a cute new outfit to wear for Christmas!!

Tommy said...

She's so cute!! I love her pigtails.

And I also find it difficult to exercise when it's this cold. Whew.

Hang in there!

Shaina said...

Aw, I'm glad Nota won! They were my fave. I only watched the 2nd day of Sing Off...and then I stopped. I was just reading Jenn's comment...did Nick Lachey really say that?! He is SUCH a cheeseball. Oy.

OMG! My word verification is "thensing"!!!!!