Freck's Friday Fancies XXVIII + Giveaway Winner!!!!

Does anyone else think of lace in the winter? For some reason it reminds me of snow, or of the holidays in general. Either way, here are this week's lacy fancies...

The giveaway winner is at the bottom :)

If I wore this scarf, I feel like I would be wearing art, yes? Etsy, $52

Etsy, $35
Ruby Lace Bird Bowl, Etsy, $22

Etsy, $38

Etsy, $18

First of all, thank you all for your submissions!! I wish I could give each and every one of you a personalized tray. You all deserve it :)

Okay okay enough of that mushy stuff, right??!

The winner of the Fontaine Maury Personalized Tray is......

Lindsay from La Belle Vie!!!

Congratulations Lindsay!! Please send me your personalization preference, initials and mailing information to somewhereinchicago at gmail dot com. (It's all separated for spamming purposes, ya'll understand!) It looks like green and red trays are already sold out but pink and white are still available :)

Thanks again everyone and have a great weekend!!!


SassyEngineer said...

I love lace - especially that necklace! I kind of wish I had some lace on my wedding dress because I think it is just so pretty and girly.

Jenn said...

aww bummed i didn't win - but i think i'm going to go buy one anyhow. i love those trays and want to use mine as a perfume tray in my bedroom. :)

Lindsay said...

Oh my gosh! I am so excited!! I'll send you my info asap! Thanks Freck!

Katie said...

I really do love Etsy! So much cute stuff!

Kristin said...

I looooooove headband. So gorgeous!

Tommy said...

Yay for Lindsay! Have a great weekend, everyone!

Shaina said...

Oh my gosh...this lace stuff is SO gorgeous. Just added that headband-and-necklace seller as a "favorite" on Etsy so I can remember it for later!

Also...so sad I didn't win the ADORABLE monogrammed tray. It's also added to my wish list! :)

Hahaha...my word verification is "woops." That definitely makes me laugh.