Freck's Friday Fancies XXVII

Hooray, it's Friday!! ...and definitely winter time in Chicago. The time has come where I step out of my building and my breath is taken away because of the cold.

In honor of the recent (and unwelcome) chill, I have decided to dedicate this post to warm and cozy items. Enjoy!

ohm'godIneedthisnow, $268, J.Crew
I've tried this coat on in black (charcoal shown) at least 6 times...I just love the ruffles on the front!

My entire office is getting SNUGGIES with our company logo on it next week at our Holiday party!! So pumped!

I can't get enough of these things, $10, Etsy

This looks so soft...$16 Etsy

I just love berets...$34, Anthro

Pricey, cozy, warm $ouch, for a hat?, Anthro

A bright, happy color on a dreary day, $50, J. Crew

Also, not only is today fantastic because it's Friday, today is TBF and my year and a half anniversary. I'm very blessed to have such an incredible, thoughtful, talented, unique, handsome and hilarious man who loves me. I'm a lucky gal. We'll be going out to a new restaurant tonight in celebration, so excited! Oh, and I almost forgot! Send over some good vibes, he has an audition tomorrow for a new tv show (pilot?)!!

The winner of
the giveaway will be announced a week from today!

TGIF! Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!


Gwen said...

I love the ruffle coat too!!! I think you must go buy it immediately. :) Ellie & I both have Snuggies but ours don't have logos on them. You'll love it!!! XOXO

Kim said...

That coat is amazing! and it would be a good investment piece (do you like how I'm trying to talk you into buying it??)

Happy Friday - enjoy your weekend and happy anniversary to you and your honey!!

suburban prep said...

To have cute and Warm here in Chicago I say the coat is a must.

CTB said...

I'm dying over the logo snuggies! What an awesome idea! You must work somewhere fun.

Best wishes to TBF on the audition!!! Break a leg? Not sure what the correct thing to say is, but whatever it is, that's what I mean! :)

Happy anniversary!

Jenn said...

LOGO SNUGGIE??? omg you are the luckiest girl alive. so jealous.

and happy anniversary!! :)

Tommy said...

You know, J.Crew is doing a lil' promo right now for a discount. (wiiiink!)

Good luck, TBF! The vibes have been sent.

Lindsay said...

I don't even drink coffee, and it is taking all of my power not to buy one of those adorable knit cozies!

Kristin said...

Happy anniversary. I seriously need a coffee cozy!

EmilyB said...

That J.Crew coat is adorable...and would be 25% off if you buy it in the next 2 days!! (or if you send a hint to TBF to buy it in the next 2 days ;)

Enjoy your 1.5 anniversary - dinner out sounds like fun!