Back to work!

...but not for long! I thankfully have Thursday and Friday off for NYE and NY. Not much, but after having a little break and without many people in the office, I don't have much motivation to work!

How was everyone's Christmas? Mine was splendid. I feel so spoiled. I was right about my homesick feelings, they disappeared as soon as I was home. However I made sure to stop and cherish the moments I had with my family (which was easy to do when we were all laughing hysterically at my dad playing wii bowling).

One gift I received from dad (Santa) was cable and internet for A WHOLE YEAR! What's this mean? I'll be able to watch the Food Network and conveniently have the internet after work and on the weekends. This means I won't have to leave my apartment and go to Argo when I need the internet!! I feel I must note that I didn't have internet and cable previously because A. I have a blackberry (aka internet), B. I'm on the internet all day at my 9-5, C. I don't watch much TV, and D. I thought it'd be a nice money saver if I didn't have it and E. when TBF's over, I feel like we have more quality time to talk and hang out because we aren't distracted by technology. Ya dig?

I also received some fun wine accessories from my brother and sister in law (have any of you used a wine aerator before?? Makes an incredible difference!!!!!) and a gift certificate to one of TBF and my favorite restaurants. Maybe we'll put it toward a New Years dinner?

All in all, great Christmas.

Now folks, I NEED to get back on the wagon and go to the gym. Holy Christmas cookies and coffee cake. More of that to come later...

Next post - potential black dresses for a New Years eve party. Love little black dresses.

Happy Monday!


Jenn said...

ugh - being back at work stinks, doesn't it? :)

looks like you got some great stuff - cable & internet for a whole year? Score!!

Tommy said...

Daddy Freck did such a great job on your gift! But you made five very good points against having it. :)

Ooooh, and I know what you mean about those cookies and such. Yikes.

Welcome back.

Little Pink Magnolia said...

Awesome gift from your dad - I seriously don't know how you survive without cable - I would die if I didn't get to see the few shows that I do watch! And I've always wanted to try one of those wine aerators, they just look so cool!

Kristin said...

I have decided to ignore working out until 2010. Probably not the wisest choice. Ah ha ha

Shaina said...

OMG! Cable and internet for a year? That is my DREAM xmas present. We have extremely bare bones basic cable, and I dream about being able to watch such novelties as...Brave, the Food Network, and HGTV. Sigh.