Weekend Recap + Best Christmas Gift Of All Time. Period.

Let's get this friggin' work week started people.

Earlier to begin, earlier to END. Because I started my job in June, I didn't have many vaca days or sick days available. As some of you know, I was out of work sick for an entire week in the fall, so all my sick days and all but one vaca day is gone. Which means I'll be in the office Mon-Wed this week and Mon-Wed next week as well and I'll probably be double posting on some days out of boredom.

Onto the weekend recap and the best part of this entire post. TBF and I exchanged gifts on Friday evening. He enjoyed the design book and monogrammed fancy shmancy robe I got him. I totally thought I'd won the gift giving competition. Boy was I wrong!! First, he gave me a very lovely mushy gushy card that I just love, and then a square box.


No, better.

I opened up the box and out pops a Lady Gaga cd case, hoorayy!! Love her, so this gift was off to a good start. THEN, I opened the cd case and TWO tickets to LADY GAGA's concert downtown in JANUARY fell out!!!

Ohh mannn, did I freak out or what?! Cloud 9 people, I was am still on cloud fricken 9. I'm so excited!! Yes, you'll be hearing about this concert until January 10.

He then showed me the other card he'd made me, which had my head photoshopped on Lady Gaga's body. Another fantastic gift, but unfortunately I cannot share until I someday reveal myself. Bummer.

Back to the recap - We shopped for last minute gifts on Saturday and went to the burbs to hang with TBF's fam on Sunday. He has 6 cousins under the age of 6 and they were running around like crazies which made for an exhausting and fun evening.

Anywho, I'd also like say happy birthday yesterday to my best friend in the whole entire world who i dont get to see enough becaues we're over 3-5 dreadful hours apart, Heidi. I've known her since we were little ones in elementary school, but we became closer friends in 5th grade/jr. high age. Ohh, I'm so thankful for our friendship and that we've stayed close over the years.

Last but certainly not least, RIP Brittany Murphy. So sad.

Hope everyone had a nice weekend :)


Anonymous said...

That really is a great gift. I have just recently really gotten into her.

I loved Clueless. So sad.

CTB said...

Good job Boyfriend! :)

SO sad and unexpected about Brittany Murphy.

Hope this week at work goes by quickly for you!

Jenn said...

I am SO jealous of your LG tickets. I think you should invite me to go with you so that we can finally hang out! ;)

Tommy said...

TBF, you turned it out! Good for you. (Not too shabby yourself, Freck.)

And I also agree about Brittany Murphy. She was so talented and funny and beautiful. She will be missed.

Jackie said...

I have 18 cousins, 8 that are under 10 so my Christmas will be chaotic too! We all get together at my grandparents house on Christmas morning. The first time my husband came with me he was like OMG this is insane. Kids are just screaming and running around and so excited. Soo funny!

Katie said...

Sounds like a great gift! The bf took me on a Salvation Army shopping spree (which is totally the perfect gift for me!) Isn't it great when they get you the perfect gift?

Nani said...

LG tickets!!! I am jealous... in a good way of course :) Love her!
Feliz Navidad!