Holiday Craziness

Wow! I'm so very glad that I put a little mention in my post yesterday about my potential lack of posting this week. Yesterday afternoon I pitched in and I wrapped about 200 Snuggies for the office and sales people! Today I'm skipping on over to a hotel on Michigan Ave. for a conference then doing some shopping after that. This week is full of random activities!

I wanted to check in real fast because I don't want to forget to ask...did anyone see Castle last night?
Rider Strong was on! Yeah, you know who he is, Shawn Hunter from Boy Meets World :)

Okay, that's all, hope to get a post in tomorrow!

Happy Tuesday :)


CTB said...

Rider Strong? haha Can't wait to see that. I'm forbidden to watch Castle without my husband. Can't wait to catch up on the dvr.

Piper Jacquelyn said...

OMG, I used to love Boy Meet World, how funny. And 200 Snuggies?! WOW! I want one! I actually really do, hee hee.

Jenn said...

never heard of castle, but i used to LOVE rider strong! had his BOP pictures all over my wall when i was younger! :)

Tommy said...

I tried that show once, and it didn't hold my attention. Now I feel like I'm out of the loop...well...plus, I don't have room for any more TV. :) Snuggie-licious evenin' to yaz!

Kristin said...

Oh Rider. Where oh where have you been? And where is Eric...no idea what his real name is. I used to lurve him so!