Lady Gaga Upset :: NYE Little Black Dress

Did you
hear? Lady Gaga ticket holders in Chicago (aka FRECK) had their tickets canceled because of a venue change. Meaning we have to reorder them. Simple right?

Not so much, what if I don't get tickets? What if I don't get as awesome of seats? Grr..

TBF gently shared the news with me last night and I sincerely thought he was joking for a good five minutes until he showed me the email saying the tickets were canceled. I almost cried. The tickets go on sale tonight and you KNOW I'll be all over the nets and phones people.

Anyway, cross your fingers for me. I must have these tickets.

::This just in, Lady Gaga is Chicago's Redeye person of the year..this only makes me more peeved about my potential lack of LG tix::

Onto a happier subject. I may attend a little black dress party on NYE. Meaning I need to review a couple of options...thoughts?

I could do a basic from The Limited, $89.50

This one has some more va-va voom? Nordies, $158

This one's precious, love the shape. Nordies, $138

Shouldn't there be some shine in a NYE dress? J. Crew, $149

...or you can have a simple dress and an amazing shoe from Kate Spade, $375
I'm kind of in love with this shoe.

One more day and I won't be back in the office until next year!!!

Anyone have any fun NYE plans?


CTB said...

That stinks about the Lady Gaga tickets! Fingers crossed that you get amazing tickets again.

You can't go wrong with a simple black dress and fabulous shoes! I really like the J Crew dress, but they are all gorgeous!

Jenn said...

ugh that sucks so bad!!

and on the dresses - love the nordstrom one with the bow!!

Kristin said...

I'd go with the Nords dress. SO pretty! Those shoes are pretty freaking fabulous too though!

Sara Lang said...

A friend got the second dress for much less (50ish?) at Filene's basement. Might be worth a look if you're really loving the dress

Tommy said...

The second Nordstrom dress...hands down. Those are some awesomely festive shoes, too. Good luck going Gaga.

Pink Julep said...

Get those tix girl! I just saw her in LA and she was AWESOME!!!

Shaina said...

I have been internet stalking those kate spade shoes for MONTHS. I just keep thinking....if only I wasn't married already and could buy these for wedding shoes! :) It is SO easy to justify big purchases and expensive stuff if it's "for the wedding." Haha!

How perfect - my word verification is "bling"!!!