Freck's Friday Fancies XXIX

It's FRIDAY! ..and not just any Friday, it's the last one before Christmas!

dun dun dun...

You know what that means! If you're like me, you have a couple of "last minute" gifts to get. Thankfully, my hood in Chicago has plenty of places in a 50 foot radius for these yet to be purchased gifts.

As you've probably noticed, this week's fancies include last minute gifts that can be purchased within a 50 foot radius of my apartment.


Walgreens/CVS. Bump it. Yes, throw away your teasing comb gift reciever and refrence this how-to for the perfect poof.

Walgreens/CVS - Reese's. What's better than candy?

Walgreens/CVS. Snuggie. They're really taking the world by storm.

Walgreens/CVS. Classic mixed cd..preferably Lady Gaga if the person knows whats up. Consider referencing this how-to to make the most bomb mixed cd ;)

Walgreens/CVS. Puppy Chia Pet. Who wouldn't want to watch a puppy's head grow moldy?

CD store. Beatles shirt - classic.

Walgreens/CVS. Develop pictures from Facebook or last May's graduation and frame them.

Argo/Starbucks gift card. Trust me, it will be used eventually.

Video/cd store. M.A.S.H. for the parents so they can tell you for the millionth time that "that guy" went to the U of I and they know because he always wears U of I sweaters.

Gap. Slippers for your sister in law because her toes-ies might get cold. (Yes, I have a gap less than 50 ft away from me, it's truly dangerous. Some people have to refrain from going to Chipotle on their way home, I have to refrain from the Gap. Ok, that's a lie, I have a Chipotle near me too.)

Last but not least, if you're in the market for Uggs, did you see Fantabulously Frugal's post about Uggs? She was also kind enough to post my comment about how I found out that you can get REAL Uggs for almost HALF the price!!

Alright, now get out there and start checking your list twice! ;)

Have a great weekend everyone!!


Jenn said...

i wish i was brave enough to buy a bump it, but alas - i am not.

and with uggs - i need someone to explain to me why they are fashionable. warm for winter? sure. but put those bad boys in snow - they become a wet disaster. uggs is one fashion trend that i hope dies out slowly. :)

CTB said...

Thanks for the great tips Ms. Freck! :) Happy Shopping!

Gwen said...

Everyone needs a Snuggie and the make the best gifts!!! Enjoy your weekend. :) XOXO

Tommy said...

This is hilarious! Bumpits?! Hahahaha.

Reese's? YES!

Let The Tide Pull Your Dreams Ashore said...

I SO want a bumpit! xx