Christmas Spirit + Biggest Loser

This Christmas tree was in the middle of the beautiful hotel where my conference was yesterday. I couldn't help but take a picture. Isn't it so pretty?!

Okay, onto the goods. Who saw the Biggest Loser Finale last night?!

Everybody now! "HOLY COW!!!!!"

Not gonna lie, Rudy, you're kind of a stud.

Danny looks amazing, too. I think what I enjoy most about the two guys and Amanda (in pink) is how humble they are. It was so encouraging and they were all so thankful for the opportunity and their transformation.

Did anyone else feel that Rebecca's attitude changed compared to before her transformation and wasn't very humble? She won the at-home BL, which is so awesome and she looks fantastic, but something about her attitude rubbed me the wrong way. Anyone??

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Alright, back to work. Happy Hump Day!!!


Okay, cool, by the looks of your comments, I'm not crazy when I think that Rebecca has changed and it's weird. TBF thinks she's on drugs..could be, she is kind of spazzy and random? Oh well, she looks fab, hopefully she tones the 'tude down a bit...

Also! According to this interview, they are still dating and she's moving in with him.


~Steph~ said...

I am with you on Rebecca's attitude. I really am not digging the new hair either.

EmilyB said...

I agree - it was almost as if she was drunk on herself or something? I loved her sassy attitude before, but last night she just didn't seem the same (though her body looked freaking amazing!). Not a fan of the hair either - her dark brown color was so much better!

Shaina said...

I watched the Finale last night too -thought it was great, although I wanted Rudy to win. :) He looks like such a stud now!

But I'm totally with you on Rebecca. She has a totally hot body now, but her attitude was so yuck. I also HATE the hair. I found her reactions to be ... just plain weird! Do you think that she and Daniel are still dating? I was not getting that vibe at all last night.

Kim said...

Didn't watch the whole season, but I do have some comments...

first, rebecca's hair = YUCK!! EWWW she looked so much better as a brunette and I hate that cut on her!

second, are her and daniel still dating? Why didn't they mention anything about it last night? Maybe her new bad attitude led to them breaking up??

Happy Hump Day!

CTB said...

That tree is gorgeous! I wish I had that many lights on my tree at home.

SassyEngineer said...

I'm with all of you on Rebecca. I thought she seemed off, too. I also hated the hair! I didn't even recognize her at first, and honestly, I thought her dress was too short. Maybe I'm just a prude! She did look amazing though.

Also, I'm so glad Danny won. I think he looked amazing and years younger! Rudy looked great too. My sister went to college with Sean so I was rooting for him until he got voted off, but I still think he looked pretty good too.

Now, I want to know if anyone thought Tracy looked weird? I thought she looked like a body builder now or something, and her face and hair just seemed weird to me. I don't know - maybe she lost too much. I thought she looked pretty in her update after she got voted out, but last night was extreme to me.

Tommy said...

Well, I don't watch that show, but drugs are bad. :)

Awesome tree!!

Pink in a sea of blue said...

So glad that Danny won. Looked great! Rebecca's hair is EWWW. I really don't see her and Daniel together for much longer. He's about 5 yrs younger and may not be able to handle her "new" attitude. And Tracy looked very strange to me, too. Too thin in the face maybe? I hate this season is over. They were a good group to watch...supportive of each other.