Pup Apparel + Last Day of Giveaway!!!

I'm so proud of myself for getting a post in today. Why, you ask? I'm proud because I'm delirious and I didn't think I'd have the mental capacity to throw a sentence together. I have been up since 5 am. I passed out gifts to pre-K through 4th grade students on the south side of Chicago today and it was truly a wonderful experience that I'll never forget.

Onto some items that have me giggling in my cube. Can we talk about how hilarious these outfits are? They all can be found

For her special day...

Conclusion: Animal outfits. Are hilarious.

Today is the last day of my giveaway!!! The winner will be announced tomorrow!!


Jenn said...

omg those poor dogs. i feel so bad for animals in clothing :(

Kim said...

Animal outfits seriously crack me up!! Spencer is a little bit too big for clothes, but she does have 1 sweater I bought her for winter. She absolutely HATES it - she goes catatonic when I put her in it and just stands there with a glazed look in her eye! Poor Puppy!!

emily said...

definitely some great ideas for my little shih-tzu!!! haha she WAS shaking outside in the cold today....great excuse to buy her a cute little sweater!! :)

jealous you were able to help out some little ones today...always a great feeling!!

Tommy said...

I always wanted a little Yorkie named Ava. And I wanted to put her in a sweater--but this is a bit much. :D

Katie said...

Too Cute! I may have to get matching holiday outfits for my Paddy and my Gus!