*+.Bling Rings.+*

Ivanka knows how to make 'em.
Ivanka this ring.

I saw this article on A Cup of Jo's relationship blog on Glamour and WOW. These are super sparkly rings!!

Do you know anyone who has a stone that's not a diamond as their engagement ring? I've heard of people using their claddagh rings as their wedding and engagement rings and I've seen one amethyst color stone in a engagement ring, but never a green one like this...

Although these are far from anything I'd like one day, I still thought they were sparkly and worth noting :)

And for those who are kind of anti-bling..here are some fun Etsy rings..

Nestlegold nestring, $40

Vegan flower, $5

and if you're looking for a visual snickity snack, $17.25

This is kind of awesome.

..and no, this is not a shoutout to TBF. Promise.

Happy Tuesday!


Gwen said...

I'm been thinking about getting a different colored stone on my next ring (whenever that may be). I love the yellow or pink diaomds but I do like the idea of a pale green stone or even blue. :) XOXO

AEOT said...

My best friend's little sister has a sapphire center stone (oval) with two oval diamonds flanking it. It's the most gorgeous ring I've ever, ever seen. I have a band ring as my engagement/wedding ring, but if I didn't, I would have also gotten a sapphire center stone. I just adore the look of the blue with diamonds. Plus, I think it makes for more interesting conversation than the typical diamond engagement ring!!

krystal said...

so what rings ARE you interested in??? :)

Kim said...

i saw this post and thought "omg is she engaged??" - hehe...i do love those sparkly rings though!!