The Poof : : A Lesson With Freck

The Progressive woman's poof bothers me. Does it bother anyone else? As a show choir alum, I know a thing or two (or a million) about poofs and hair in general.

Let me tell you how to do a great poof (WITHOUT a silly bump-it!). Pull up a chair and listen, you'll be the queen of a cute poof (nothin' crazy) in a couple easy steps like exhibit A..

Queen of the tasteful poof. Doesn't she have the most amazing hair?!


and small hair bands similar to this - make sure to get the kind that won't hurt your hair!


1. Make sure your hair is a day old so it's moldable. This may sound gross, but the baby powder or dry shampoo will take away the grease, add volume and make your hair more maneuverable. Trying to tease and mold freshly shampoo just doesn't work as well.

2. Using the teasing comb, start teasing (combing toward your scalp making your hair ratty) sections of your hair all around your head, don't forget the sides! Work in small sections, it really doesn't take long. You literally want your hair to look like you put your finger in a light socket when your finished.
Don't worry, a little conditioner in the shower will bring the rats right out!

3. Using the boar bristle brush, start smoothing over the top layer of hair over the rats. I like the bristle brush because the bristles don't reach the rats (which will comb out your beautiful teasing job), you won't lose the volume and the top section of your hair will look smooth and shiny. It won't take much pressure to smooth down that top layer of hair.

4. Once your top section is smooth, (this is when you'd want to insert a headband if you prefer) gather your hair into a low pony tail and continue smoothing down and making sure the poof is symmetrical. Feel free to swoop the front and leave some wispy pieces around your face. Bobby pins may be necessary :)

5. Once your hair is in the pony tail hair band, you can go back in with the other side of the teasing come to pull your hair out if you see some unsymmetrical sections or if you simply want the poof bigger!

6. Feel free to use a shiny hair spray or just hair spray to keep the poof in place.

Voila!!! See? You don't need a bump it!

Now you can use the poof with other hairstyles like...

the side pony

half up, half down

the bun

and a classy side bun

Good luck and feel free to email me if you have any questions!

Happy Tuesday!!


Katie said...

I'll have to try that! Also, the Progressive girl totally freaks me out!

Princess Freckles said...

I love a good poof! I also love Pssst dry shampoo. its $5 at any drugstore and its amazing!

Little Pink Magnolia said...

I never noticed the progressive girl had a poof - I was always concentrating on how crazy she looks in general. Way too happy.

Tommy said...

This cracks me up, but I have to admit that my hair poofs up naturally if I don't get it cut often enough.