Hello The Limited...

I picked up a couple things at The Limited yesterday, I'm impressed with their new line! Pssst, thank goodness for coupons!

Great under a cardi, $34.50

Almost got this, kind of wish I did...$34.50

Sale! $19.50

Also great under a cardi, or on it's own. $44.50

...and a springy cardi, $44.50

Time to start purging things from my closet..any tips?

By the way, thanks to your comments, TBF and I are seriously considering going to Cozumel or Cancun!!

Happy Hump Day!


Kim said...

Oooh love it all!

AEOT said...

That first top is SO cute!!! Love it! Any chance they make it in maternity????? Ha ha! I'm so sick of not having "normal" clothes. My wardrobe is so limited!

emily said...

i love the second one! simple basics!!! ughhh i want to go to cancun or cozumel!!!!! :)

JMay said...

These are all so cute :-)

Good deals too.

Lovely little blog!

Tommy said...

Good luck with the closet purge. Stay strong!

(Don't cut her any slack(s), TBF!)

Join the Gossip said...

Came across your blog via Thoughts From Cali =)

I used to be obsessed with The Limited. I remember it was the cool place to shop! In fact, I still have some cute socks from that there I wear (and they are in perfect condition after all these years!).

Join the Gossip said...

P.S. I highly, highly recommend Riviera Maya! It's just south of Cancun so it's more jungle and less crowded. Plus you're a bit closer to Tulum, the most beautiful seaside ruins =)

Bella Michelle said...

Great deals (especially with COUPONS!) I am starting to get the itch for some new Spring things but hopefully can melt some of my winter"insulation" 1st!

Fashion Therapist said...

I love the purchases. It's been awhile since I've stepped foot into a Limited store but may have to look into it now. First I need to find the closest one to me. :)