*MAC in Lillyland Spring Line Pre-Launch Event in Chicago*

So this sister needs a dress.

I was chatting with the MAC gal behind the counter at Nordies last week and after awhile, she asked me if I was going to the MAC event in early February. I told her I didn't know what she was talking about and then she proceeded to tell me about this event that I am bouncing off the walls excited about.

The event is a spring line pre-launch (Living in Lillyland) for MAC cosmetics at Nordstrom on Michigan Ave after hours on a Saturday in February.

Have I mentioned how much I love MAC cosmetics???

I've been told the event will include:
  • professional makeup artists who will be flown in from all over the country
  • models walking around in the spring line makeup
  • all of the makeup counters will be converted into MAC counters
  • cocktails and appetizers
  • and I'm assuming (and really hoping that) Lady Gaga and Cindy Lauper music will be blasting since they've teamed up for the campaign

So what do I need? An awesome cocktail dress and kick ass shoes.

Now let's pretend I have a bottomless budget...

Nordies, $148

Nordies, $148

Little Black Dress? Nordies, $148

Love this shape, Nordies, $Ineedacoupon

I'm starting to see a color theme...$158

...and maybe some cute shoes...

Steve, $99 The Classic Peep Toe, $175 Dolce Vita, $139

I like to keep my pumps pretty classic.

So excited!

By the way, TBF made a copy of my keys for me, so for now, I'm all set!

Happy Tuesday :)


emily said...

ahh how fun!!!! i love the LBD from nordstrom!!! have fun, take pics!

ms. mindless said...

sounds like it will be a hoot!

Katie said...

sounds like fun! love the first dress by the way :-)

EmilyB said...

FUN!!! Who doesn't love an event that combines awesome dresses with makeovers galore! Take pics!!! (and love the dress and shoe options!)

Fashion Therapist said...

Fun! I've been to a few events at that Nordstrom and LOVE it cause you walk away with tons of goodies. Have fun!

Tommy said...

They're all good picks, Frecky! Are you going to take your camera to this event? Or will that be too lame? (I vote for the first one.)

Sidenote: my word verifcation is 'convents'. That's funny.

krystal said...

i'm so jealous!!! that will be awesome!

Erin said...

That sounds like an amazing time!! Can't wait to hear more about it!