TBF, don't read this.

TBF turn away.

I know how much you love long hair.

I came across this yesterday and I can't get them out of my mind. My stomach immediately knots up a bit when I look at them (or maybe it's the fact that I'm at home with a stomach bug today), going back to shorter hair is so tempting!

How bad do these pictures make you want to cut your hair?! I've been growing my hair out for a good two years now and it's just now getting to mid shoulder-blade area.

I love having long hair, it's so easy to maintain and throw back in a bun/pony if I'm short on time.

This is the actual picture that convinced me to get a bob a couple of years ago!

...but I really loved having my hair short (and blonde), too!

Anyone else tempted to cut their hair now?? The bob is just so cute!


Jenn said...

well we know i had the itch which is why i now have shorter hair than i've ever had in my life. truth be told - the angled bob looks fabulous but is a pain in the ass to style. trying to use a round brush on all of the layers in the back adds about 10 minutes to my hair routine in the morning.

Katie said...

I actually took the plunge yesterday. I am very happy with my decision.

krystal said...

so i'm tempted to grow my hair out but i loooove my short hair and these confirmed it! what to do what to do :)