Freck's Friday Fancies XXXIV

Although I do not fancy being sick, I do fancy having things to do once I'm able to peel my face off my pillow without being concerned I might die.

Yeah, maybe a little melodramatic, but wow..the stomach flu sucks.


This is what fancy when I'm sick (and can no longer sleep):

A hot shower.

A good magazine - hey. Don't get any ideas. Ladies you know how much we love these kind of magz.

Gatorade in various flavors. I'm not a huge fan of Gatorade, but when I'm extremely dehydrated, I might as well have an iv of this stuff. It helps.

A good movie - extra points because some scenes were filmed in my old hood here in Chicago. I actually accidentally walked through the set while they were filming on my way back from Whole Foods!

Some Paula Deen because her voice simply comforts me when she's making something delicious like a grilled cheese smothered in butter.

A red velvet cupcake for when I feel better. Oh you know I ate half of this as soon as I felt it was safe.

Special shoutout to TBF. He provided all of these items for me and took care of me in all my ickyness. Thanks :)

Doing a whole lot of nothing this weekend is what is on my radar. What's on yours?

Have a wonderful weekend!


Katie said...

showers are really the best when you're sick! Feel better!

Tommy said...

Feel better soon, Freck! That TBF is the cat's pajamas.

Jenn said...

glad you had someone to take care of you. hope you feel better soon! :)