Freck's Friday Fancies XXXIII

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Alright, now onto the fancies...

Although the weather has improved, I can't help but post about rain related items again. I saw these
Nordies rain coats and accessories and they look so cheery, something that is essential on a gross rainy day!!

Adorable Mr. Kors, nice work. $128

Cheery, right? $98

After seeing how friggen expensive my Ugg repair will be (65 friggen smackers for a rip in the seam!?), I'm starting to think that investing a cute pair of these Hunters boots is a better idea...

I need these. $115

Cute, warm scarf. $98

I looooove love love my glittens, Sale! $25
These allow me to use my fingers for my BB if I want or I cover my fingers up with the mitten section if I want.

I'm homebound in T - 5 hours and I'm so excited! I get to babysit my little niece alllllll weekend. Yay! Have a great weekend!



Anonymous said...

Yes, you should DEFINITELY spring for some Wellies! Extra points for you if you go with the green ones. ☺

Jenn said...

i'm totally on team wellie!! i have never and will never own a pair of uggs. but wellies are awesome & they actually help your feet stay dry unlike uggs! i love mine! you must get some!

Piper Jacquelyn said...

I love the new glossy Hunters. They are TOO cute. I think I want the plum colour. I actually saw a girl wearing the green ones you posted yesterday and they were adorable!

Habbala said...

Ahh! I TOTALLY want those glittens now . They're ADORABLE. Have a great weekend!

AEOT said...

Please tell me you have an extra $300 lying around because you MUST order that red jacket (sooooo cheery for a rainy day and yet so classy) and the Hunters. My goal is to get a pair of the Hunters for myself, however, with B not working currently and puddin' on his/her way, I'm not allowing myself to shop :( I'd get the navy hunters and then get a few of the boot liners to keep my tootsies warm and I'd get them in fun, bright colors like pink, green and yellow. I do like the green you posted as well- they just wouldn't match all my coats (and I'm weird like that).

Little Pink Magnolia said...

If there is not another season of Jersey Shore, I will be seriously bummed. Did you catch the reunion? The drama just never stops, I love it!

Loving Life in Southern California! said...

Great puddle jumpers! I like the green!