Weekend Recap + Lady Gaga Concert *With Pictures!*

Well, this weekend was fabulous.

Gaga was absolutely amazing. I still can't believe I saw her live. A couple notes before all the pics begin :)

When we got there, we noticed that the crowd was FAR more diverse than I imagined...TBF and my seats were in the balcony, we mentioned to each other how suburban and regular everyone seemed to be up in the balcony. There were older people and younger KIDS (boys and girls) in the balcony.


Except for this woman..? Her husband and his bulging muscles didn't seem to mind that his wife was half nekkid.

Then we walked downstairs to use the ATM and we encountered what seemed to be the Real Housewives of Chicago type of women. Know what I mean? As if going to the concert was pocket change and just a fun dance party rather than AN AMAZING EXPERIENCE THAT WAS ACTUALLY EXPENSIVE! No I'm not annoyed by it.

So we were actually really happy we were in the balcony instead. Anyway, I think I expected a lot of gays in drag and women my age.

Who I enjoyed seeing:

This older couple sat next to TBF. First of all, love that they're there. Second, love her sparkly cardi. Third, love that she was there because she'd seen Gaga on Ellen. "I really like how she can sing well and play the piano, too!"


Love this. He took so many pictures with people.

You could take a picture in her orb!

Jason Derulo - mmm Whatcha Sayyyyy! He was pretty good.

Everyone below us boogying in the aisle to MJ before Gaga.

Onto Gaga!!

What sparkly cardi woman wanted to see...

This was right after she grabbed his junk...

Her set was amazing. I can understand why it wouldn't have fit in the original venue.

Isn't she tiny? She's SO tiny. At one point she was only wearing what looked like a leather red bikini..this is also the part where TBF started to pay more attention...see?

You can read a full review of her Chicago performance here.

It's official, TBF and I left as one of Lady Gaga's little monsters.

Happy Monday!


Jenn said...

soooooooo jealous. it looks amazing!!!!

Shaina said...

OMG! Sooooooo amazing! I agree with Jenn...I am totally jealous. What an amazing show!!! LOVE the audience costumes, too. Although I fear that pantsless girl was not in a costume? :)

EmilyB said...

Ohhh the pictures are amazing! Her concerts must be quite an experience. Sometime the people watching is the best part!!! (and it looks like you definitely were not let down this time around!)

Children of the 90s said...

I am incredibly jealous, it looks like she puts on a fun show! I would love to go see her in concert!

Anonymous said...

FUN!!! I'm not a huge concert goer, but I'd definitely see her! That lady who forgot the rest of her outfit kills me! ☺

emily said...

ahhh im so jealous!! so glad you were able to go...pictures are great!!! makes me want to join in on the madness! :)

Katie said...

sounds like you had an amazing time!

Kim said...

ahhhhh you got such good pictures!! looks like so much fun - so jealous!!

Little Pink Magnolia said...

Wow that looks like an awesome show - glad you had such a good time!

Tommy said...

I'm so glad that you had a good time going GAGA.

I used to think she was just a gimmick, but I am slowly coming around. She definitely has talent.