Weekend Recap + Some TLC

Late Monday post. Back to work. Back to reality.

My weekend was SUPER lazy and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Work’s been rough so I needed some TLC which included zoning out to football with TBF and reading magazines. This month’s Real Simple? Pretty darn good.

I always enjoy the skin and hair care articles. Even though I never actually try the diy face masks or hair care treatments, they make me say to myself, “Hey Freck, go slap on a mask, you aren’t very good to your skin”

It’s true.

I use a drugstore clay mask that works well. Once I put that baby on I usually put on some Crest White Strips and that’s as far as I go (unless my brows are unruly and I'll attack those, too).

Tonight I’ll be gymming it up and watching Chuck and Castle. Anyone see Castle in this month’s cosmo?

Lookin' good my friend, lookin' good.

Hope you had a great weekend!


Jenn said...

this month's real simple was great - but i thought the cover was so ugly. it's usually so pretty and the blue with the food on it was just so blah.

we did make one of the ravioli recipes for dinner tonight though (spicy cauliflower) and it was delicious!

Princess Freckles said...

I need something to save my Winter skin! Its not looking too hot these days!

EmilyB said...

Me toooo!! I need a good moisturizer. My skin is dry, but then certain moisturizers make it feel oily, and then others don't moisturize enough! Still searching...