Wine Tasting + Balance

Holy goodness gracious.

Last night was a blast, TBF and I joined one of my good girlfriends at a wine tasting where her sister
works. It was my first wine tasting and I had such a good time. How could I not with good wine and good conversation with some of my favorite people? So.much.fun.

One of our conversation topics was about finding that “balance” in life with your 9-5, being able to go to the gym/spend time for yourself and have a social life. I struggle with this balance, I’m either all for one and not one for all.

Having said that, one of my new years resolutions is to live with no regrets, and I’m finding that I’m not passing up on opportunities like I used to because I feel like I would regret my decision if I turned the opportunity down.

couldn't pass this image up...too funny.

Along with this resolution comes balance because I’m getting a little bit of everything without even having to think about “the dreaded -- balance” I think this is where TBF described it as a cafeteria, picking up a little bit of everything. Variety.

Ya follow? I may be on my way (for now).

Did I mention I had fun last night?

My head is feeling a little fuzzy today, but I don’t regret it :)

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Happy hump day!


emily said...

i couldnt agree more with predicament with going out, working out, working in general....its hard!!! but good for you..im trying to live it up as well...if not not, when? right?! :)

Milltini said...

So glad you had fun! I too have been struggling with this issue of balance. I feel like I can't keep up with my life these days--how to squeeze in work, eating right (by cooking), saving money (by cooking), training for a 1/2 marathon and marathon, oh yeah and spending time with my significant other, getting my new puppy trained, and hanging out with dear friends. In other words, I think we need an extra 2 hours or so in our day to get everything done, how can we make this happen? ;-)

Fashion Therapist said...

I was thinking about wine tasting for my birthday and the only places I could think of in Chicago were the Tasting Room and Swirl Bar. I may have to check this out. Glad you had fun!

Jenn said...

totally with you about needing more TIME to do things! I worked from home this afternoon and was able to use my lunch break to work out for an hour. I loved it! If I worked from home, I'd be in the best shape ever. :)

And the social life - I'm always so exhausted that I pass on a lot of things, but I need to stop doing that!

Tommy said...

I totally agree. 'Balance' is my mantra.