Freck's Friday Fancies XXXI

It's Friday! We did it! Our first week back to work after the holidays.

As Buddy the Elf would say, "You did it! Congratulations, world's best cup of coffee! Wow!"

So long

Let's talk bracelets ladies. I think it's the one accessory I'm really lacking right now. Good thing I did some browsing and
luckily brought our imaginary bottomless budgets, so you can tell me your faves...

the cuff, Lanvin, $977.76

the classic Tiffany's bracelet, $225

the statement bracelet, Banana, $25

the bangle, Ms. Spade, $125

the bejeweled bracelet, love the name of this one, Ippolita "Paparazzi", $695

the charm/statement bracelet, Bubbalicious, $34.50

oh david, you shouldn't have! $2,200 smackers.

or perhaps your just a watch girl? Gucci, $sick

the chain, Diane Von Furstenburg, $ihopeiwinthelotterysoon

last but not least, I must show my love for etsy, the most reasonably priced item, the delicate bracelet, $55

Btw, remember my post about wanting to steal a baby tiger? Well, I want to steal the baby cheetah on Cartier's website. Check it out...he comes out every now and then even when you're looking at jewelry! So cute!


Lady Gaga = tomorrow. I still can't believe it. Thanks again TBF :)


Fashion Therapist said...

I'm so glad I found another Chicago blogger. I only know a handful but love meeting more.

I'm so jealous you're going to the concert this weekend. I just had surgery so unfortunately no concert for me. Have a great time and take lots of pics.

Jenn said...

yay for pretty things! :)

and have FUN at lady gaga & take lots of pics!! so jealous!

SassyEngineer said...

I love turquoise and I'm really into gold these days so I love the bracelet from BR!

Kim said...

LOVE all those bracelets - not so much on some of the price tags, but it's always fun to dream :-)

SO jealous you are seeing lady gaga tomorrow - can't wait to hear how it was...take pics!

I'm Lindsay! said...

I actually love the one from Banana! Of course you can never go wrong with David Yurman!c