Who Knew Rain Could Involve Cute Things??

Because icky freezing raining was falling on Chicago last night, I'm inspired to reflect this idea in this post...but hopefully my post is a bit more cheery than the icky rain was.

Rainy Day Gift Tags, $3.50

Adorable Raining Baby Shower Invite, $20

Rainy Days and Mondays onesie, $15

Rainy Day With My Umbrella, $23

Because this is cheesy cute and Valentines Day is coming up, $3.75

Rainy Wall Decal, $15

Sapphire Rain Necklace, $50

Rain = Water = Clean, Chicago Flag Soap! $4

Last but not least, my very own rainy shirt that TBF gave me from Threadless

**2 more days until the giveaway is over!!!**

Happy Thursday!!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE the umbrella necklace with the little rain drops! SO appropriate for Seattle. And it's cheap too...I may have to buy. ☺

Jenn said...

That umbrella necklace is awesome! I want it!!

Also - a rainy day themed baby shower is a fabulous idea. You could do so much with it!!

xo, Alexi said...

cute!! i must confess that I actually love the rain, but last night was a little much, even for me. over in the rogers park area, there was this icy sort of rain going on that made the sidewalks all slippery =/

Emily said...

icy rain= no fun:( I hope the weather improves for you soon! I love the umbrella necklace!

krystal said...

i love every single thing on this rainy day list...oh my goodness!