Smorgasbord Thursday

So of course when I have my special boot outfit (boots + black sweater dress + black tights) all good to go last night, I couldn't wear it today because I woke up this morning to over a half foot of snow on the ground.

I wouldn't dare trudge through the wicked snow with those boots on

Oh Chicago, you amaze me.

Sigh..the outfit will have to wait until next week. Thanks so much for the advice, it really helped!!!

A kid across the row from me yesterday received a massive arrangement of fruit flowers. Fruit flowers rule. Delicious and nutritious.

I’m ready for a vacation.

Advice question numero dos of the week – where should I go that won’t break the bank for TBF and I? An all-inclusive vaca sounds incredible but I don’t really know where to look besides the basic sites (orbitz, southwest, etc.)

I could always win $25k like my old high school show choir teacher did. Isn’t he a hoot?

Anyone else ready for
Spring so they can break out the new trends? Yes please!

T minus 2 days until Gaga and tomorrow is Friday.

First week back from holiday vaca = almost complete.


Jenn said...

this weather is so gross - i'm working from home today thankfully!

if you want a super cheap vacay - check out a cruise. i saw some really cheap ones on expedia! otherwise - an all inclusive in mexico shouldn't be too bad! :)

RAP said...

Mexico is usually pretty inexpensive. The Caribean in the summer is too but you have to watch for hurricanes and it can be hot. If you go w/any of the travel sites google search coupon codes for say Orbitz or Expedia - you may get lucky and find something that works. You may have to try a few to get one to work.

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

I want some fruit flowers. damnit.

Tommy said...

This might sound a little chintzy, but some of my friends recently went on a cruise and said that you really can't beat it for the money--especially off-season.

Katie said...

Cruise -- All inclusive plus super cheap this time of year! If you don't mind an um interesting group of fellow cruisers Carnival is a pretty good value (aka cheap)and they sail out of places that southwest flies to!