Weekend Recap + Freck Runs On Dunkin'

This weekend was great. With TBF's help, I bought a new mattress and although we dropped a pretty penny, it has been SO worth it.

He helped out because my birthday is coming up, I'm so thankful. Anyway, the mattress has made a MASSIVE difference. I woke up so refreshed and NOT achy, like normal. Awesome!

We watched a lot of HGTV this weekend, which is odd because usually Food Network is on 24/7. House Hunters might be one of my new favorite shows. Have you watched it? So fun!

Lastly, my addiction to Dunkin' has gone to an
entirely whole new level. New Dunkin' TURBO?! I don't even know what to do with myself!

Yes, I most definitely run on Dunkin', and you can too! Go get your free sample!

No, this wasn't paid for, I just love Dunkin' that much.

Happy Monday!


emily said...

i LOVE LOVE LOVE dunkin donuts coffee...i saw the turbo in the store....oh boy....i mine as well have an IV of crack going into me!! :)

Shaina said...

I love House Hunters! I can watch it for hours on end ... seriously. I LOVE.

Jen of Made By Girl said...

House hunters is definitely my fave show on HGTV...I think i've seen every episode. ha! :)))))))

Krystal said...

yeah for the expensive mattress!

Jenn said...

I watch house hunters pretty much non-stop. International, in canada, anywhere! :) HGTV is my video bible. :) and i'll have to try dunkin' donuts coffee. Ed swears by it, too!

Gwen said...

I love, love, love House Hunters. I could spend all day doing nothing but watching that show. Congrats on the new mattress too.:) XOXO

Tommy said...

House Hunters is completely addictive. I love seeing the layouts of different spaces, even though the suspense they try to build is a bit hokey.

D said...

I love house hunters!!!