Go Green

I happen to be 1/4 Irish, so I dig this day.

Oh, and I also happen to love green!!

So let's sport some green today indoors and out, shall we?

Like this coat rack from CB2

or these glass hurricane's from West Elm

this necklace from Etsy

this bag from Anthro

and because not only did this make me unproductive yesterday, but also, I got an email that said all the dresses are 20% off...

Have a very GREEN Wednesday!!


anne-marie scali said...

oh pretty. i'm partial to mint green dresses and I quite like this one from j.crew. thanks for dropping by my blog today!

Milltini said...

yea! love any excuse to wear green. happy st. pattys!

Jenn said...

i used to be so against the color green (no idea why) and now i wear it whenever possible - a great color!! :) love that necklace.

Gwen said...

I love, love, love green. Even changed my kitchen decor so it's now green, ivory & brown. Oh...and my bathroom is full of green too. Come to think of it so is my sofa set. LOL!!!

I love that Anthro bag!!! XOXO