Weekend Recap + Oscars

Oh what a wonderful weekend.

Friday evening TBF and I relaxed and enjoyed a nice dinner here. Saturday, we went to an outdoor mall (to enjoy the gorgeous weather!) and I scored some great pieces (and returned some) at J. Crew and MAC. Sunday, we did a read through of a good friend's script and then lounged and watched the Oscars.

Speaking of the Oscars...

Can we talk about Ms. Crazy Pants 2010 (Kathy Ireland)? Words cannot describe how robotic this woman is. I felt sorry for the actors she "interviewed" aka actors who felt extremely awkward by her scripted responses and questions.

And onto the style awards...

First of all, these two were great together!
I loved their old school humor :)

Zoe Saldana
Gorgous. This gal is always a winner.

Vera Farmiga
TBF described this perfectly. Her dress is like an unrolled streamer.

Sandra Bullock. Gorgeous, but sister needed to loosen up! She was so nervous!

Worst posture of the evening goes to...Miley Cyrus.

Elizabeth Banks.
I don't know why, but I love her.

He's young. He's young. He's young. YEAH WHATEVER. He looks good here.

Charlize Theron. AKA Cupcake boobs.
Yeah, the girl's don't need THAT much attention.

Jason Bateman.
Little Miss Sunshine
Couples Retreat
Forgetting Sarah Marshall
The Break Up
Need I say more?

That's all for me today.

Actually, one more thing. Of course when I turn comment moderation off, I come back two hours later to weird V*agra and Chinese characters. Yeah, no thanks. Sorry, comment moderation is back on.

Happy Monday! Hope you had a great weekend!


emily said...

haha SERIOUSLY....HOW AWKWARD was kathy ireland??? oh it was painful!!! ... and i agree with miley...and did you see the interview with her mom? trash. haha sorry had to say it!!

Jenn said...

love the fashion recap. i was on the red eye back from vegas, so i missed the entire show! :(

Tommy said...

I did not love the Oscars this year. Really, no one even turned my head on the red carpet. Usually I like Kate Winslet or Tilda Swinton or Anne Hathaway. Not this year. The last two weren't even there, as far as I could tell. The John Hughes tribute was the best part to me.