Weekend Recap + Baby Shower Gifts

Well ladies and gents, this weekend was smooth sailin'; maybe a little too smooth because it went by too fast. Thankfully, this week is a 4 day work week for me because I have my sister-in-law's shower this weekend (yayy!).

(Sister-in-law, if you're reading, pretty please stop now)

Okay, so I have a question that I'd love all of your input about.

TBF thought it would be a great idea (and I do too) if he brought a gift or two for my brother, the father-to-be.

Please note, this is a very laid back couples shower on a Saturday evening that I'm helping host and I am also of course bringing a gift for my sister-in-law, the mommy-to-be.

We went to the Land of Nod yesterday (which was hilarious because when we walked in they totally looked at us like we were expecting - you know the awww looks when they greeted us) and we stumbled upon saw some great items like:

this in black
this bottle bag
kid you not, he thought this was cool
"This is so they won't have to put the baby down on something GROSS."

this quilt

To quote TBF, "this is something a dad would enjoy carrying around." (Not that regular baby accessories aren't something to be proud of.)

What do you think? Is it a good idea if TBF brings along a gift for my brother, the father-to-be to the shower?

I personally think so, I'm hoping to get a positive response because I think my brother would really appreciate it. However, I want to ensure it's okay before he goes ahead and pulls the trigger and purchases it.

Thanks in advance and happy Monday!


KatiePerk said...

I think that is a wonderful idea! I bet your brother would appreciate being thought of!

I'm Lindsay! said...

I think that would be awesome! The dad's always seem to be forgotten, so that would be a good way to acknowledge him too!

Jennifer said...

Definitely! Something special that the new dad and baby can enjoy together. Its a great idea! And props to TBF for going shopping with you!

gina said...

I think it's a wonderful idea to give the father-to-be a baby gift!

Chicago Blogger Meet Up on April 10. Love to see you there!

Details at:

Tommy said...

I think it's a really cool idea. I'm just wondering if other guys (boyfriends, husbands) are coming. If so, you might want to give them a heads up to bring a dad gift. They might feel awkward otherwise, like they weren't in the loop or something.

City Girl Chicago said...

I think it's a fantastic idea ~ thoughtful, and sure to be well received. Go for it! :)