Ha, I love the title + subject combination of this post.

Fancies will come later today!

So this weekend TBF and I will be mattress shopping. Do any of you have any favorite brands? The mattress I have now is over 10 years old (awful, I know!!) and I sincerely think my sleep is being affected by how uncomfortable it is. It's terrible.

As a present to myself (yep, my birthday is kiiind of right around the corner April 18), I'd like to invest in a nice mattress.

But not too nice! I'm on a budget, ya know.
The simple idea of having a comfortable mattress to sleep on makes me so giddy!

Any input would be greatly appreciated!!


xo, Alexi said...

haha i love the title, too! i've never been mattress shopping because i've always been fortunate enough to have a mattress provided for me, but i would say to make sure your mattress is bed-bug resistant! the sort of repellents they used to have for bed bugs are no longer allowed to be used (they found poisons in them...)so i know some beds have a sort of seam on them that doesn't allow bed bugs in. good luck chica!

krystal said...

so, this might be too late but a mattress salesman once told us "there are 2 things to spend your money on - mattresses and shoes". ok so maybe he was trying to make a sale, but I think he kind of has it right. We bought an expensive pillow top mattress and it is my FAVORITE possession in the world. i'm not kidding. it's the only thing I didn't sell when we moved to Switzerland - we hauled it 2 states away to keep at a parents house for when we come back. and now...now we sleep on a crappy ikea mattress and i cry every morning. the end :)