Lands End Shoes??

So ever since I gave TBF a monogrammed robe for Christmas from Lands End, I've been receiving their catalog.

I must say, their shoes look SOO comfy and reasonably priced! Especially these...

Classic Ballet Shoe, $39.50

Buckle Moccasin, $89.50

Um, hello comfy looking heels, $79.50


Happy Thursday!!


Frugal Brunette said...

Ohhh those flats!
I just bought some grey pointy flats at H&M - though not the best quality, they look great for what they are ($12.95 but used a gift card) and I have gotten a ton of complements. They won't last long but hey, they were free and I've worn them every day this week.

Jenn said...

land's end has been so impressive lately. i was in one of their "inlet" stores the other day & even that had the cutest stuff!!

Fashion Therapist said...

I'm loving the Land's End stuff lately. What's up with that? Whatever or whoever made that decision is moving in the right direction.

Tommy said...

I just got their catalog in the mail today. It seems like their style has only gotten better, and we probably have none other than J.Crew to thank.

What else is new? :)