Freck's Friday Fancies XXXX

Because I'm still mourning M+O, and because today is Friday, naturally, today's fancies will be Martin + Osa themed.

Here we go *tear*

Wayfarer Cardigan, $47.60
V-Neck Cardigan, $99.50
Quintessential V-Neck Tee, $22.50
Cotton Silk Navigator Shirt, $69.50
Osa Trench, $119 Please tell me this will be on sale!
Poplin Pleated Tank Dress, $89.90

Okay, here's when I really die...I love my Slim Fit Jeans from M+O.
Slim Fit Jean in black, $64.50 I have this pair. They're perfect with my boots and a fun, loose top to balance out the skinny-ness on bottom. Know what I mean?
Slim Fit Jean in Murky Depths Wash, $64.50 I also have this pair. I kid you not, I wear these allllll the time. They keep their shape and color so nicely!
Okay so I feel like I could make this, but it's still cute.
I love love love this.
I haven't been a huge fan of these kinds of strappy dominatrix looking shoes, but I think these are kind of cute?

Alright. I bid you adieu for now Martin + Osa. You can't say I didn't love you while you were here.

By the way, all my Chicago ladies: if you're interested in when M+O is closing at Woodfield in Schaumburg, I called today (yes, I did) and the super sweet girl (after mentioning how bummed she is, too) said it will close by the end of July and she wasn't aware of any sales yet.


Happy Friday!!!


krystal said...

i love them and i didn't even know they existed and now they are leaving me!?

Jenn said...

Bummer :( I'll have to hit up the M+O store next time I'm home visiting my dad - he only lives about 10 minutes from Woodfield!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I didn't even know about them, but now that I see their product...it is a sad sad day! Love that necklace and the jeans look great! ~Jami @ http://jamigoldsmith-imagine.blogspot.com