What Freck Wants More Than Anything (Well, Right Now Atleast..)

What I want.

More than anything in the world??

Ever, ever??

Is a puppy. a dog. I want one so badly, but I can't get one because I live in a teeny tiny studio, I have a 9 to 5, and I don't have quite enough disposable income yet to responsibly take care of the little pup like I'd should.

Fortunately, this weekend when I go home to go to my sister-in-law's baby shower, I get to see my puppy. Who's not really a puppy, but a 100 lb lab retriever.

Meet Wrigley.

The cutest most cuddly pup in the whole world and a massive mama's boy (to mama Freck).

You know those people who think their dog is the best dog in the entire world and would crush every other dog in a world's most awesome dog contest?
Yep, that's me
. And all those other people who are like me would lose to Wrigs :)

Side note, doesn't Mama Freck do a nice job with her flowers on the deck?

Wrigley is named proudly after Wrigley Field, where the Chicago Cubs play. My dad (and I) love the Cubs. My mom and older brother love the Cardinals and Busch doesn't roll off the tongue as easily, nor is it as classy as Wrigley. ;)

I also get to see this little booger, Emma, my niece, this weekend. Can't wait!

And here they are together!

She loves Wrigley. She wanted to let him in but didn't quite know how.

See you soon Wrigs :)

Happy Thursday!


Jenn said...

awwww so cute! my husband had a lab retriever when i met him named madison. i love the name wrigley, too. go cubbies! :)

EmilyB said...

Awww! I am officially a crazy dog lady now that we're getting pup#2. There's nothing like a dog's unconditional love. Have fun with your fam, and with Wrigley!!

Fashion Therapist said...

We have 2 and I still want another one. Check out www.dailypuppy.com

AEOT said...

Getting a dog was one of the best decisions we've made. Junie lights up my day!! Even though she is a MASSIVE beast :) I'm a little worried about the dog/newborn thing, but praying it will be fine. I think Junebug will just end up eating all of his/her toys!! I've asked and asked for another pup, but B says the baby will be enough work- no more dogs for now!

Enjoy your weekend!!!!

SassyEngineer said...

I love your puppy - he is so cute and looks very huggable! Also, thanks for the sweet comment, and I promise not to be a stranger. I love your blog, and yours is on my list to still read. I decided I will just take a break for a bit and trim the list down to only read those blogs I love. I think my google reader had gotten out of control! I think I might come back in the future and do what you said - blog about those things I love. Anyway, I'm so glad I "met" you through blogging, and I promise to still read and comment, and maybe I'll return in the writing capacity sometime!

Blackeyed Susan said...

Awww Wrigley is too cute! I want a dog too but I dont think my kitties would appreciate him! haha!

Tommy said...

Super cute children there!

Children of the 90s said...

Wrigley is adorable! My boyfriend and I just adopted a dog...we didn't mean to, haha, but we went to one of those rescue events and we couldn't help ourselves. It ended up being a great decision! I can't imagine not having him around now.

City Girl Chicago said...

I also want a dog oh-so-badly ~ the hubs is allergic, but I'm working on convincing him it's still worth it. Dogs bring so much extra love into a home!

Happy Weekend!

D said...

Cute pup and CUTE niece. Last year, my dog had a $2000 knee surgery. He needed weekly bandage changes for about 2 months. Everyone at the vet knows me by name.

Hopefully that little vet bill will curb your desire for a pup of your own.