I Find It Difficult To Concentrate At Work When...

I open this email at work.

So naturally I need to continue looking..

and looking..

and loooooking...

then I go here and see this..

and this...

Do you see what you do to me J.Crew?


I become unproductive.

Much love,

**I wanted to follow up about yesterday's baby shower post. I'm so glad many of you agreed that TBF bringing the daddy-to-be a gift is a great idea. It's a very laid back couples shower in the evening, so I'm not sure if they'll even open the gifts in front of everyone. If they do, I may say it's from me and then tell them later that it's from TBF. Thanks again!!**


Frugal Brunette said...

that dress (drool) thanks for that... how am I gonna get any work done now?! ;)

Gwen said...

I love that dress!!! And I agree with Frugal Brunette. I will no longer be productive for the day. LOL!! XOXO